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United Women Firefighters Training Program Rules:



Only women who are on the track to become firefighters can participate in this program. Right now we are at capacity and can only accept women who filed for Promotional Exam #7501 and Open Competitive Exam #7001 at this time. Exam #7501 filing was in Fall 2016 and filing for Exam #7001 was just completed in Spring 2017. 


This program is not for women who aged out of the Firefighter process and want to become EMTs. 


Only women who identify as women can participate. 


NO GUESTS. The New York Sports Club (NYSC) has graciously donated many thousands of dollars in kind to our program to help women become firefighters. Please DO NOT abuse their kindness or ours. 


NO CHILDREN. It is against NYSC policy to have children on the property of 217 Broadway because there is no daycare at this facility and children can very easily get hurt while inside the gym. Children can also be disruptive to our workout as well as the workouts of the other NYSC members. You will get complaints and you will be kicked out if you bring any children. 



Our program starts on time. Please arrive to the gym 30 mins before our start time to get ready for training. If you are late, you will have to do a physical exercise (burpees, push-ups, etc) of the trainer's choosing. Everything in the FDNY and FDNY academy starts on time. When you are late, you disrupt the program and the other women who showed up on time. DON'T BE LATE. 


You must wear a red t-shirt to training. This is because you are in a mixed environment in the NYSC and the trainers need to keep track of the women who are in the program. Failure to wear a red t-shirt to training will result in a physical exercise of the trainer's choosing. WEAR A RED T-SHIRT. 

Wear appropriate workout clothes that you can move comfortably in, appropriate workout sneakers and no jewelry. Failure to dress appropriately could mean leaving the facility. 


You must have a weight vest, preferably 50 lbs, to participate in the program. There are spare vests in our closet but they are spares that are not well kept and do not fit everybody. Also, if everyone relied on the vests in the closet, not everyone will have a vest to work out in. We cannot provide a vest for everyone and it's up to you to invest in and get the most out of your training by bringing in your own vest. 


You MUST vacate the NYSC well before 10pm on weekdays and 3pm on Sundays. Please leave well before the personnel asks you to leave, which is usually 15 minutes before the hour. 



No  water or bathroom breaks until the trainer tells the group that you can take one. If it is a medical emergency, please alert one of the trainers. 


You MUST leave the gym in a condition BETTER than you found it. You must put away towels, used water bottles, trash and workout equipment, even if you didn't use any of it. We must maintain a good relationship and reputation with our host. 


You must make room for any and all NYSC members and staff. They get the priority for everything! Do not block the way of any of these people and they always get priority for using workout equipment. 



This is a free training program that costs the United Women Firefighters (UWF) and the New York Sports Club (NYSC) a considerable amount of money. Consider becoming a member of the NYSC and consider donating to the UWF. With that, you must adhere to these rules or risk getting kicked out of the program. We have these rules in place as we are a small organization with limited resources. There are also to maintain a good relationship with the NYSC and to help you become successful firefighters.


Happy training and good luck! 

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