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United Women Firefighters Co-Host Woman Firefighter for a Day Event

On Saturday, March 12th, 2016, the United Women Firefighters co-hosted a recruitment event with the FDNY for the second year in a row. The aim of the event was to expose young women to the career of firefighting by engaging them in activities such as extinguishing a car fire, rappelling down a building, learning CPR and a firefighter focused calisthenics class. The events were led and taught by women FDNY firefighters and helped the women candidates learn what firefighters do and how to become one. The idea for the event was conceived by United Women Firefighters president, Sarinya Srisakul alongside Sergeant-At-Arms Regina Wilson and Director of Community Affairs Fabricio Caro. Many young women do not have the opportunity to be exposed to traditionally male dominated careers like firefighting and an event like this helps expose and inspire young women to be motivated to pursue the path of firefighting. Currently, the FDNY only employs 49 women firefighters and officers, out of a force of approximately 10,500. With more recruitment events like this, the United Women Firefighters hopes to help close the gender gap and to change New York City's abysmal statistics.

For more coverage on this event, please check out:

For more information on future events like this, please check out our website! Also check out @JoinFDNY and age eligible candidates can call 718-999-FDNY.

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